Grand Truck and Tractor Pulling Weekends - 2015


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Guest pullers for the August and September Truck and Tractor Pulling events are:


All Churned Up - a milk float which thinks it is a truck puller!

All Churned Up Photo by Lyndsey Moore
Driven by Steve Cox Steve Cox Photo by Lyndsey Moore


The Beaver - a Massey Ferguson 4260, owned by Pete Cox

The Beaver Photo by Lyndsey Moore


Bluebird Express - Driven by Mark Fewtrell, our very own Mr Bean

Bluebird Express Photo by Lyndsey Moore


Major Madness - Ed Bateman's component prostock which has been totally rebuilt over the past year

Over the winter Major Madness saw a total strip down and a completely new tractor built using only the engine from the old tractor. Due to continuous failures of the major backend last year Ed built a new axle using a Rockwell 120 differential housing, then machining the housings to be able to weld on Kirkstall reduction hubs from a bus, finally making new halfshafts. A complete new full length chassis was built and new rollcage made, then the Ford cargo motor mounted in it with an Eaton 8 speed gearbox to take the power. The motor has seen a complete rebuild again this year due to bending a crankshaft at its first event and also adding a new high performance billet turbocharger.

Major Madness Photo from Ed Bateman

New Deer Event


Google link to the event at New Deer on Saturday 29th/Sunday 30th August - take the A981 from New Deer and you cant miss it!


Google link to the event at Nairn on Saturday 5th/Sunday 6th September - just follow the road to Househill and its the big field on the bottom right - across the road from Househill Courtyard.


Silver Dollar

New Truck Puller, Silver Dollar, gets it right at New Deer. Photo by Gordon Farquhar







Braveheart returns to the track in fine form at New Deer. Picture by Gordon Farquhar.








STTPA & SWTPA Membership application forms available here (click links below)

All competing drivers (including 2nd drivers where a tractor is shared) must complete the IOPD and Tractor and Driver Registration forms below and send them to Debbie Mackie at the address below. You also need to complete the appropriate section of the form for each tractor or truck competing in the 2015 season. All mechanics, helpers and officials must complete a Non Competing Membership if they are not already registered as a driver. Garden Pullers will need tractor registration, STTPA Membership and IOPD registration. Everyone is welcome to join the STTPA and the SWTPA - just complete and return the forms. To ease paperwork for both clubs all SWTPA and IOPD forms should be returned to: Debbie Mackie, Waverley, Turriff AB53 5PN.  Debbie : 07875496875

STTPA Membership

SWTPA Non-Competing Membership

SWTPA Tractor & Driver Registration forms

IOPD Registration

Garden Puller Registration


Silver Dollar

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The aim of this site is to keep people up to date with the STTPA - Scottish Truck and Tractor Pullers Association formed in 2011. We are a truck and tractor puling association based in Scotland, affiliated to the SWTPA (South West Tractor Pulling Association) part of the NTPR (National Tractor Pullers Register) and the IOPD (International Association of Professional Drivers). Please browse the pages to see which events we have planned and what the tractors look like, how they have been built, and what successes they have had.

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